Our Equipment

Our Equipment includes a fleet of vacuum excavators ranging from compact 2WD, for those tight, congested spots, to high clearance 2WD & 4WD trucks for the difficult off road jobs.

Our vision is to offer quality services, along with true partnership and an employee-centred working environment, which serves as a model of excellence for our clients and employees.

All of our trucks -

  • Are serviced as per manufacturer recommendations
  • Carry all their safety equipment
  • Cover a range of different size jetting nozzles, lances, hoses and are equipped ready for the on the job unexpected situations.

At Present we have -

  • A Fleet of Vacuum Excavators – 2wd & 4wd
  • 3.5 ton Excavator – for digging service free areas
  • Tipper Truck – for backfill and re-instatement
  • Electronic Locating Equipment
  • Generators & portable lighting
  • Concrete & Bitumen saw
  • Jack hammers
  • Barricading equipment
  • Temporary Fencing Hire

As we continue to evolve and work towards offering a one stop shop for all your job requirements our list of equipment will continue to expand.

Our purpose-built Vacuum Excavators are designed and manufactured in Australia to excavate Aussie ground with ease. Hydro Excavac does not compromise on the safety of underground assets. We excavate at Telstra and Ergon Energy approved safe working pressures of 2000psi, and are at least 2 times faster and more efficient. All have 3-4m3 vacuum tank capacities, carry 2 500L of potable water and are fitted with jetting systems for pipe and drain cleaning.

While our business is vacuum excavation we also offer additional services to assist you in organising your job with one phone call.

To see more of how our equipment is used in the field, check out the Services we offer with Hydro Excavac and Jai-Cor.