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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) allows the steerable installation of underground conduits with minimal surface disruption ensures the preservation of tree roots and the protection of driveways, footpaths, and roads.

Our team specialises in directional drilling regardless of ground conditions or project nature. Whether laying pipes and conduits, drilling, or handling other groundworks, we provide cost-effective solutions carried out by experienced professionals. We are dedicated to delivering quality service in a timely and economical manner.

key advantages of hdd

Minimal Delays

Traffic flow remains uninterrupted as drilling occurs beneath the road.

Enhanced Safety

Reduced open excavation lowers the risk of accidents.

Cost & Time efficiencies

Lower reinstatement costs, reduced traffic management time, and maintained access to local businesses.

Lower Enviromental & Social Impact

Preservation of tree roots, less surface spoil, and uninterrupted driveways.

how it works

  1. Initial Setup: A small launch pit is excavated at the surface, and the drilling rig is positioned next to it.
  2. Pilot Hole Drilling: A pilot hole is drilled along the desired path, with the drill head monitored and tracked from above.
  3. Bore Reaming: The bore is reamed back to the required size. Depending on the conduit size, pipes can be attached to the reamer and pulled back through, or the bore can be reamed further to accommodate larger pipes or bundled conduits.
  4. Drilling Fluids: Eco-friendly drilling fluids are used to lubricate and stabilise the bore, suspending the excavated material, which is then vacuum-excavated using our Vac Trucks.
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frequently asked questions

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a technique of installing subsurface pipelines, cables, and utility conduits without trenches or other excavation. Using a directional drilling machine and its related attachments, it is possible to precisely drill along the desired bore path and back ream the necessary pipe to meet the utilities or telecommunications placement specifications. 

HDD is a less impactful method to install underground pipes rather than digging an open trench to bury the pipe. The use of this method greatly reduces the environmental damage, and disruption to roadways and other existing infrastructure during construction.

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