expose underground services Project

safe underground service exposure

During the construction of a new roundabout on Broadsound Road the contracting company realised the culverts to be installed were going be at the same level as a major cluster of underground services – including optic fibre, HV/LV electrical lines that feed Mackay Industrial area.

Hydro Excavac came up with a solution and organised the whole job, working with an excavator contractor, Hydro Excavac vacuum excavated all the sensitive areas to expose the cluster of underground services. The cluster of services were exposed 20m either side of the culvert crossing area, we then vacuum excavated under the Cluster of service conduits. This enable the cluster of service conduits to be safely and without damage be lowered 1.5m to allow the culverts to be installed over the top of the services. The total job was completed in 5 days.

what we did:

vacuum excavated areas

exposed underground services

service conduits were lowered

culverts installed on top of services